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SkinMed work with the ARA UK because we understand the scale and severity of acne and rosacea, and want to be part of the national solution. After heavily researching the market, we have concluded that by focusing acne and rosacea solutions to the 2.5 million women over 30 with mature onset acne and also the 3 million women with rosacea, that there is a superb business opportunity for clinical practices in the UK.

“We’ve found that by solving your clients’ acne and rosacea issues, they then often become aesthetic clients, increasing client referral and clinic business for the clinic – we don’t just sell you products, we aim to increase your clinic business.”

Peter Roberts, Managing Director & Head Trainer, SkinMed Ltd

Acne & Rosacea; sufferers in the millions

There are over 15 million people suffering from unresolved acne and rosacea in the UK alone. This is a staggering figure and equates to almost twice the population of London, roughly triple the entire population of Scotland, and would fill Wembley Stadium 167 times

Become part of the Solution

The ARA UK provides training for medical professionals in the modern management of acne and rosacea, as well as the treatment of long-term sequelae. They provide education and updates on treatments for their Accredited Treatment and Advice Centres, as well as help, advice and support for sufferers of acne and rosacea across the UK.

Training From one of UK’s Leading experts

Professor Tony Chu has created a series of four webinars, to provide the education and training needed for clinics to pass their Accreditation.

Throughout the webinars, Professor Chu shares his experiences from over the years, diagnosing some of the more difficult and rare cases of acne and rosacea, explaining what to avoid and how to treat each case with precision.

Who is Professor Tony Chu?

Professor Chu is the UK’s leading expert in the treatment of Acne and Rosacea and President of the ARA UK.

In his years as a doctor, professor and consulting dermatologist, he recognised the need for a charity that could provide information and support for acne and rosacea sufferers, as well as education for doctors and pharmacists, and so went on to found the ARA UK.

Create a Treatment network for your local community

Accredited clinics and pharmacies are listed on the ARA UK Website as Accredited Treatment and Advice Centres for sufferers in your local area to find.

The ARA UK also offers extensive support to help you form connections in your area to help spread the word to local sufferers.

Your promotional campaign will include paid online advertising, email campaigns to our consumer database, and social media promotion. All promotions then direct the user to your own bespoke mini-website / landing page created for you by your SkinMed® Campaign Manager, with all new leads sent directly to your clinic’s inbox.

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