Work with a company that can assess a skin
problem in the time it takes to drink a pint

After another day in London, completing SkinMed’s® MSc level Chemical and Remodelling Training, I decided to enjoy the good weather and parked myself outside to check my emails with a glass of wine.

There were only a few chairs, so when a gentleman from Newcastle asked if he could sit down to drink his pint, I gave him a nod and a friendly smile and we soon started talking.

He mentioned what he did for a living, and why he was visiting London. I mentioned the involvement SkinMed has in the aesthetics industry. The gentleman (who will remain nameless for his privacy), turned to me after hearing this and said “what do you make of this then?” pointing to what he reckoned was a mole on his temple. He mentioned that a local practitioner had zapped it with a cryogen three times and it had come back each time.

I declined to comment as a scientist as I am not legally covered to make a diagnosis, although I had a good idea what it was and asked if the said Geordie was happy for his PA, who was sitting next to him, to take a photo. With his permission, I said I would send it to Professor Tony Chu (Professor of Dermatological Oncology and world dermatology expert) who SkinMed has access to for his opinion.

Before the gentleman had finished his pint the message came back from Professor Chu that it was a basal cell carcinoma and SkinMed® then offered the gentleman to be seen by Prof Chu but also to look up who locally in the North East could remove it.

The gentleman was amazed and thankful.

It’s worth noting at this point that cryosurgery, should only be done if the area of concern is non-cancerous, so should only be carried out once it’s had an appropriate diagnosis from a professional who can confirm that this is a treatment option.

This is one example of the hundreds of photos Prof. Chu has reviewed on behalf of SkinMed® customer clinics.

We’re incredibly proud to have Professor Tony Chu, an expert in acne and rosacea on board, and extend our medical advice invitation to all our existing clinics.

SkinMed® training courses are now level 6 and level 7 accredited and CPD accredited.

We have also submitted Prof. Chu’s webinars on acne and rosacea and his scarring masterclass for accreditation for CPD and levels 6 and 7.

These courses are provisionally confirmed as accepted courses to gain credits towards an MSc in Non-Surgical Interventions. We have been accepted as a provider and lecturer for this MSc.

SkinMed® has medical licensed solutions for a whole range of skin conditions and skin diseases.

We don’t sell cosmeceuticals, we sell medical solutions, we can make medical claims. We have clinical data and published by world experts in peer-reviewed journals. Our solutions can be prescribed.

Please beware of product ranges that look clinical, make pseudo clinical claims, and are in fact cosmetics.

By definition, cosmetics do not change anything in the skin and are only surface acting. We are the company that came to aesthetics via burns units, surgical scar revision, acne scars, stretch marks, and eventually wrinkles and lines.

We are a company with scientists and dermatologists on our payroll. We are invested in Dermatology solutions for aesthetic and medical skin problems. After all, we’re SkinMed, and skin is what we’re in…

If you would like to book onto SkinMeds® highly acclaimed MSc level Chemical and Physical remodeling and learn how to provide bespoke treatment protocols for a range of medical skin conditions, please call our clinical team on 0333 247 2474 or email

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