Derma FNS Micro
Needling with Finesse

There are so many dermal needling pens available right now, and we have watched the market become flooded with pens, many of which are not really fit for purpose.

There are, however, several essential things to look out for when buying an automated needling system that we believe you should know about – many of which set our Derma FNS® Pen head and shoulders above the competition.

Dermal needling with our unique Derma FNS® Pen is the preferred choice of treatment for many specialists for a myriad of skin conditions, particularly where you want to replace old collagen with new such as scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. We use them successfully for disrupting deeper pigmentation also, especially in darker and more reactive skin types, as well as for addressing the signs of aging and issues with skin water dynamics.

Its unique design also makes it the only known pen that fully retracts the needles before reinserting them, meaning the needles are totally clear of the skin before reinsertion, reducing catching and irritation for outstanding results with faster recovery time. This allows you to achieve much greater direct dermal stimulation, with the ability to deliver more channels, while surface damage, redness, and catching are greatly reduced. Setting speed and needle height is simple whereas some pens available rely on digital technology; these are over-designed, meaning there are just more things to go wrong, which we believe is less accurate than setting the speed and height by hand.

The powerful, mains-operated, brushless motor operates at 8500 rpm without overheating and has a 10,000-hour guarantee, with a 2-year warranty on the pen’s parts. The fact that the pen is powered by the mains also means that it has the power (watts) to penetrate the skin constantly and effectively to create thousands of micro-channels, while battery-operated pens do not have this level of power, leading to more ‘needle bounce’ and inconsistent results.

The Derma FNS® Pen is lightweight, ergonomically designed, and has a chrome casing finish, rather than the cheaper plastic finishes that have become standard in the industry. The surgical steel 33 gauge needle heads are made by the same company that makes the pen itself, meaning that they fit immaculately, with no rattle and no risk of cross-contamination with a special seal to prevent any blood or body fluids from getting inside the pen body. The pen is quiet and reassuring. The Derma FNS® meets all standards of production and conformity with regulations.

We at SkinMed® put months of research into choosing the pen that ticks all the boxes before becoming the first professional UK registered company to supply dermal needling devices to the UK and to commission numerous clinical studies to prove various uses. We have tested and rejected various pens over the years because none of them were up to our exacting standard; no matter how many we rejected, however, those same pens keep reappearing under new names and liveries to flood the market. Some have had a change of nationality and claim to be made in Europe or America but the parts still come from China or Korea, and the pens are then assembled in the claimed country of origin.

We were the first to launch automated dermal needling in the UK. We have carried out more clinical trials on various conditions such as stretch marks, hypertrophic caesarian scars, cleft pallets, acne scars, and much more, including comparisons with manual needling where the results were much, much better. SkinMed® has sold more pens and trained more practitioners than any other; we know what we can do, we know what our products can do and we can prove it.

As a part of our end-of-year reward scheme we have lots of incredible offers available, – call 0333 247 2474, or email to find out how you could qualify for a free pen.

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