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The areas of the face which show our age the most are the peri-ocular and peri-orbital areas. SkinMed® Enerpeel® EL and EL Plus are none melting gel-based skin remodelling solution that are specially designed for these sensitive areas, targeting superficial and medium depth pigmentation and very fine difficult to get at lines close tot he eyes and along the lip margin.

This is because of the combination of the two acids in SkinMed® Enerpeel® EL and three acids in SkinMed® Enerpeel® EL Plus gel, enabling you to increase the concentration gradually by layering the product, to achieve similar results as you would with a high strength acid, thus limiting and controlling any irritation and reddening of these sensitive areas.

Ageing Causes and Symptoms

As a result of photo- and chrono-ageing and through constant use of expressive facial muscles the periorbital area becomes stressed and changes shape; eyelids droop and wrinkles, fine lines and ‘crows feet’ become more pronounced, typifying an older appearance. The eyes may also develop hyper-pigmented lesions and dark circles under the eyes, contributing to a tired run down look

The science

The use of a combination of TCA and LA (Enerpeel EL) allows one to achieve equally effective results as a higher strength TCA while using a lower strength, thus limiting and controlling complications.

Also, it has also been demonstrated that LA can modulate melanin biosynthesis independently. This is useful, not only in treatment, but also in reducing the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can occur after a chemical peel.

The combination of Mandelic, Lactic and Malic Acid (Enerpeel EL Plus) targets superficial pigmentation and sun damage while also reducing fine lines

EnerPeel® Carrier Technology

EnerPeel® technology utilises a new, patented carrier solution that restrains rather than buffers the acid before it is absorbed into the skin, enhancing its activity. EnerPeel®, therefore, releases the acid’s protons at a higher skin water content allowing them to accelerate through the skin, separating cells in a quicker ‘cleaner’ way, resulting in enhanced remodelling stimulation.

The Result

SkinMed’s® Enerpeel® EL system reduces these photo- and age-related changes leading to improvements in lines, wrinkles and crows feet, helping create a smoother fuller expressive eye shape with less eyelid droop. Enerpeel EL can also be used to lighten and brighten the under eye area resulting in a healthier younger look.

Eye and Lip
Antiageing /Pigmentation
TripleLock® Products to be used with Enerpeel® EL/EL Plus

Using SkinMed® EnerPeel® EL and EL PLUS

Treatment Details

The clinician applies the correct number of layers depending on skin sensitivity, ethnicity and Fitzpatrick type, Pausing after each layer to gauge impact and response, thereby building up to an effective concentration which is acceptable and well tolerated by the client.

The number of layers will vary depending on client age, skin condition, skin issues, ethnicity, hydration and so much more.

Subsequent treatments may allow an increase in the number of layers, with prior skin priming using melanin controlling creams such as Tebiskin LC and SOD-C and/or use of epidermal lipid enhancement to control TEWL, patented ingredients to accelerate hyaluronic acid production while suppressing epidermal erythema using a variety of unique formulas with names such as EGF, HYAL and PLC, while encouraging stimulation of increased fibroblast production of elastin and collagen in the dermis utilising vitamin C and A and bacterial growth factors

EnerPeel® EL/ EL Plus is recommended with the following protocols

Anti-Ageing Protocol

SkinMed® EnerPeel® EL and EL Plus multi-layer gel peels target the ‘age defining areas’ specifically around the eyes and around the mouth to reduce lines, pout lines and fine lines close to the eyes. These work synergistically alongside our all-encompassing SkinMed® TripleLock® Anti-ageing Protocol to create the complete anti-ageing solution, boosting hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, enhancing new structural fibre production and supplementing skin lipids.

Pigmentation Protocol

SkinMed® EnerPeel® EL/EL PLUS contain a number of ingredients to modify pigment production and to break down trapped and fixed pigmentation. These combine with SkinMed® TripleLock® on Pigmentation which reducing the inflammatory stimulus, normalising melanin production, and creating a healthy skin environment into the future.

Top Tip

Match the skin type with the appropriate number of layers of the gel in order to get maximum remodelling but with minimal risk of causing inflammatory pigmentation. Ensure you take account of skin condition, hydration, and skin age. Consider improving these with the TripleLock® products before introducing the Gel peels

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Eye & Lip (EL)

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