SkinMed® EnerPeel®
Jessners Revised (JR)

SkinMed® EnerPeel® Jessners Revised (JR) utilises a patented carrier technology, to transport 15% Salicylic Acid Acid, 14% Resorcinol and 20% Lactic Acid deep into the skin for the treatment of dermal pigmentation.

SkinMed® EnerPeel® JR can also be used for anti-ageing especially in combination with SkinMed® EnerPeel® PA SkinMed EnerPeel® MA can also be used for pigmentation and anti-ageing in darker skins at risk of inflammatory pigmentation especially those in darker ethnic groups (acceptable risk) and is widely used by all skin types as a Summer peel, lunchtime peel and weekend peel.

Understanding Pigmentation

These are all difficult to treat.

SkinMed® have developed a range of options to target superficial excess pigment and deeper pigmentation utilising a SkinMed® protocol involving different techniques uniquely developed by SkinMed®. SkinMed® continue to research improvements and even more effective solutions to add to our SkinMed® unique Treatment Protocols.

The science

SkinMed® EnerPeel® Jessners Revised contains two molecules that can enhance the normalising of pigment production while also accelerating the removal of cells with excess pigment. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid which is lipophilic, and therefore removes intercellular lipids that surround epithelial cells and consequently enhances the penetration of the other ingredients.

Resorcinol attaches to active tyrosinase and prevents it from converting tyrosine to melanin aided by

Lactic acid which directly inhibits tyrosinase while also accelerating corneocyte detachment and subsequent desquamation of Stratum Corneum which removes skin cells with excess pigment, so newer keratinocytes rise with less pigment in to replace them.

SkinMed® EnerPeel®: Patented Carrier Technology

SkinMed® EnerPeel® uses a patented carrier solution which restrains the activity of the acid until it is absorbed. This is not buffering the acid and thereby reducing its activity; it is restraining it and then releasing it to accelerate through the skin. SkinMed® EnerPeel®s carrier system enhances its activity for uniform and enhanced absorption of the active ingredients; with two to three times improved skin penetration.

The Result

Enerpeel® JR synergises perfectly alongside the TripleLock® on Pigmentation protocol, designed to disrupt dermal pigmentation and help users achieve outstanding, long-term results as quickly as possible.

Extended exposure of light to medium peels can have a dermal remodelling effect similar to medium to deep peel solutions but with less post treatment complications.

Pigmentation TripleLock® Products to be used with Enerpeel® JR

Using SkinMed® EnerPeel® JR

Application details

SkinMed® EnerPeel® Jessner’s solution is applied working from medial to lateral areas, followed by application to the chin and forehead area.

2 coats are usually applied (additional coats increase the depth of peeling)

Some visible salicylate precipitate may appear on skin surface, this should be distinguished from true frosting which correlates to the depth of peeling.

Extent of erythema & desquamation depends on the extent and type of pre-peel preparation, number of coats of product applied, degree of frosting during procedure. However, skin sloughing occurs within 2 to 4 days with subsequent epidermal re-growth.

The solution is left for 3 to 5 minutes, and then not neutralised but the surface salicylate solution wiped away. One would only neutralise if the client experiences severe discomfort and or there was significant frosting. One would still offer to remove only and apply soothing cream as we want to leave the pigment suppressors active.

The procedure should be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks over a 12 to 20 week period.

EnerPeel® JR is recommended with the following protocols:

Pigmentation Protocol

EnerPeel® JR is the ‘go to choice for pigmentation. In very reactive darker skin types, you may revert to EnerPeel® MA, and for those with deeper trapped pigmentation you may need to escalate up to EnerPeel® PA or TCA, but your first choice for all others should be EnerPeel®JR. These peels synergise with the SkinMed® TripleLock® Pigmentation products creating Pigmentation Protocol, and is based on removing the inflammatory stimulus, normalising melanin production, and creating a stable healthy skin environment into the future. Pigmentation Protocol: Tebiskin PLC, Tebiskin LC and Tebiskin UV-Sooth

Anti-Ageing Protocol

SkinMed® EnerPeel® JR is a secondary but safer choice in darker skin types than EnerPeel® TCA or EnerPeel® PA and works synergistically alongside our all-encompassing SkinMed® Anti-ageing TripleLock® products to create the complete SkinMed TripleLock® Anti-Ageing protocol, boosting Hyaluronic Acid levels in the skin, enhancing new structural fibre production, and removing old stuck together collagen and supplementing epidermal skin lipids.
Anti-Ageing Protocol: Tebiskin Gluage, Tebiskin EGF, Tebiskin Reticap, Tebiskin Hyal and Tebiskin Cera-Boost

Top Tip

EnerPeel® JR and TCA is a well-known doctor-level combination peel, where traditionally two coats of EnerPeel® Jessners were applied followed by a layer of EnerPeel® 25% TCA on top, for a deep peel. This is stronger than a EnerPeel® TCA-only peel but because of the analgesic effect of the salicylic acid as it converts to a salicylate then it can cause less discomfort. A more modern alternative to this would be combining EnerPeel® PA and EnerPeel® JR together, which has less downtime and often better results. Ask about this combination


SkinMed® EnerPeel® Jessners Revised (JR) utilises a patented carrier technology, to transport 15% Salicylic Acid Acid, 14% Resorcinol and 20% Lactic Acid deep into the skin for the treatment of dermal pigmentation.

SkinMed® EnerPeel® JR can also be used for anti-ageing especially in combination with SkinMed® EnerPeel® PA

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4. What is the exposure time for an EnerPeel JR standard application of one or two layers unless frosting begins earlier?
5. What Enerpeels are sometimes used in combination with Enerpeel JR?
6. When should you ask the client how they are feeling when applying the EnerPeel?
7. What is the best pre and post treatment protocol for a client with photo-ageing?
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