EnerPeel® MA is MA-zing
for all its skin benefits pre and post-holiday

EnerPeel® MA is highly popular as a summer peel, because of its ability to deliver instant, fresher, smoother skin which will improve deep even tanning when on holiday while also boosting SPF absorption.

MA will also help prevent holiday breakouts when we are maybe bashing our immune system with alcohol and not being so controlled on diet.

If you have flushes when you go out in the heat on holiday, EnerPeel® MA combined with Synchrorose® products helps many who can concentrate on enjoying themselves and worry less about food, drink, and heat triggering flushes, which can make you self-conscious when you should be carefree and enjoying yourself.

The lunchtime peel, the super summer peel…

Skin feels amazing afterward, it’s smooth, even and makeup adheres so much better. And guess what? You will find you don’t need much makeup because your skin will look fab.

Your skin is cleansed, refreshed, brighter, incredibly smooth, and soft to the touch. This is the ideal treatment prior to a garden party, holiday, or a summer's evening ‘get-together.

Mandelic Acid is a slow-absorbing, gently exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid, originally isolated from almonds, and perfected in the lab, meaning that people with nut allergies can still have an MA. In almonds, mandelic acid protects the nut from viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and this feature can also be a great help to our skin too; ideal for those prone to breakouts who will benefit from its gentle exfoliating action as part of an acne protocol.

What can it do for rosacea?

Mandelic acid has the unique property in supporting blood vessels near the surface of the skin (capillaries) to contract, and therefore counteracts one of the key issues of rosacea, the hyperdilation of surface blood vessels and so by reducing this, enables the skin to resist reddening. EnerPeel® MA is unique as it transports the mandelic acid into the skin in its inactive form (mandelate) using special carrier technology. The carriers release the mandelate which converts to mandelic acid and helps visible blood vessels contract and become less obvious. Other mandelic acid peels sit on the surface and only exfoliate.

What about pigmentation?

If your clients’ skin goes red easily with clinical treatments then mandelic is the one for them as it is safe in the lightest and darkest skin types. It’s the most widely used peel in India and that’s because of its high level of safety combined with its deep dermal stimulating effect but without triggering hyperpigmentation, even in darker skins. (NB we still assess skin sensitivity, skin quality, skin hydration, etc. before treatment).

The MSM contained within the EnerPeel® formula is a powerful anti-inflammatory and inhibits the skin from releasing inflammatory chemicals, further reducing any risk of excess pigmentation production.

What about downtime? Can I go in the sun?

In virtually everyone, there is no downtime and yes you can go in the sun as long as you are using sunscreen as you always should. Please note proper assessment is still needed to uncover any rare high-risk clients.

The vast majority of clients have ten-minute exposure, a few may be exposed for less if sensitive.

After an EnerPeel® MA treatment, it is important that the client applies sun protection combined with moisture-binding creams and maintains high levels of hydration (as with all peels). This should be continued for the following week or so. This protocol reduces any rare post-peel flaking to a minimum, with most experiencing no flaking at all. Sun protection and skin hydration should be standard skin protection 365 days of the year.

EnerPeel® MA incorporating MSM is the ideal summer peel; the skin looks glowing and refreshed, tans will appear to look much more even and the skin will look more youthful. Makeup also goes on easier and less is needed to give that fresh summer youthful glow.

All this is just from one treatment. Having a sequence of 4 or more and the EnerPeel® system means you also get anti-aging results from MA often only thought to be seen with more skin challenging peels like pyruvic and TCA. A sequence increases collagen and elastin deposition, smooths fine lines, and tightens skin effectively with little or no downtime, delivering results without any visible signs of treatment.

This is a treatment your clients will love and will keep coming back for – call us to get the EnerPeel® MA in your clinic on 0333 247 2474 or email us at clinical1@skinmed.co.uk.

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