EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid in combination
with Derma FNS

EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid in combination with Derma FNS

EnerPeel® MA combined with Dermal

Needling EnerPeel® MA and micro-needling combined is very popular, consisting of two separate treatments being done one after the other; the EnerPeel® MA first and then followed by the needling.

Combining the two together enables you to target both the visual and deep structural issues needed for visually smoother, and structurally tighter, firmer, and smoother skin.

EnerPeel® MA is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, which reduces any post treatment infection risk and the Mandelic acid and MSM helps to encourage vascular integrity, turnover, and regeneration.

The MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) held within the EnerPeel® carrier matrix is delivered into the epidermis and upper dermis to reduce excess peripheral erythema reducing melanocyte excitation and epidermal trauma, but without compromising MMP enzyme activation and collagen and elastin matrix renewal. The 30-Gaige needles also penetrate more easily following EnerPeel® MA as the keratinised stratum corneum is reduced and the surface finish left is stunning.

This is our most popular combination treatment. Speak to your account manager about the pre, during and post regimen to maximise results. Also useful as part of the deep pigmentation protocol referred to above. Please see the practical training video along with the Derma FNS® alone training video below and in our trainings section

What is an EnerPeel® MA
and what is it for?

40% Mandelic Acid; (20% active Mandelic acid and 20% as Mandelate which releases Mandelic acid only when deep in the skin), plus 5% MSM for erythema and flushing control and telangiectasia resistance. It can also be used for pigmentation and anti-ageing, especially in higher PIH risk (acceptable risk) and for use as a summer peel. The MSM also suppresses erythema and reduces epidermal erythema levels caused by needling. However, it does not reduce the stimulation of dermal remodelling delivered by the needling treatment. Epidermal trauma is not needed if you are directly stimulating the dermis.

What is a Derma FNS®?

The Derma FNS® is an electronically powered automated needling machine that delivers 120 insertions of nine tiny needles per second with over 80,000 insertions a minute. These multiple 30-gauge needles vertically pierce the skin rather than roll into the skin, as seen with a dermal roller. The dermal roller causes a v-shaped hole as the needles roll into the skin and then out again causing trauma. The rollers create holes twice as large as the Derma FNS, which are elongated further due to rolling mechanism. This surface trauma by rollers reduces dermal response, increases surface trauma and downtime, and prolongs the treatment recovery process.

We deliver more holes per square centimetre while maintaining intact skin in between these holes, with much less if any catching for maximum results with minimum downtime. Our pen’s motorised mechanism is unique in pulling the needles out of the skin as well as pushing them in; all other pens motors on the market, as far as we know, push the needles into the skin but rely on a spring to retract them. These springs cannot keep up with a motor that pushes needles in 120 times a second, so they are not clear of the skin before they are reinserted, causing dragging in the skin.


Application details

  1. Firstly, numb the skin.

2. When the whole face is numb, remove the numbing cream.

3. Then use an EnerPeel® Prep wipe, to prepare the skin for the treatment, as this removes an extremely high percentage of skin bacteria reducing the chance of complications happening.

4. Apply EnerPeel® MA as per EnerPeel® MA training video. 

5. After a maximum of 10 minutes neutralise with EnerPeel® NU wipe – NB you must neutralise all Mandelic acid before proceeding to needling phase.

6. Clean the skin using two cotton pads dampened with water (you can use water to wash the face after all EnerPeel® treatments).

7. The EnerPeel® treatment is then complete.

8. Always use an EnerPeel® Prep wipe if available as this removes an extremely high percentage of skin bacteria and ensures any surface remnants of the peel or anaesthetic cream are removed and the skin is not sticky to the touch.

9. Begin the Derma FNS treatment as per the Derma FNS training video. Click here to see the video

EnerPeel® Clinic Accreditation
Mandelic Acid (MA) with Dermal Needling

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3. How often is procedure carried out?
4. When is Emla applied?
5. What is Mandelic Acid used for?
6. What is FNS used for?
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