Health and Safety First:
Upcoming Training Postponed

After consultation with clinics and also staff members, and following the Governments COBRA briefing, it has been decided that it is prudent to postpone the upcoming training events proposed for Burnley and London. We will, however, notify everyone of new dates as soon as things have calmed down a bit.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

It’s clear to see that we are not the only ones making the decision to take precautions due to COVID-19, after the news that the A.C.E. conference will also be postponed this year until further notice. While our training events are significantly less crowded and more intimate than the A.C.E. conference, we are operating under the same mentality that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is important that business, and the world, do not stop and to that end, we are bringing forward stock from all our suppliers into our warehouse to handle any movement restrictions. We have increased our warehouse holding capacity and I have also done a deal with our truck company, who are happy to hold pallets of stock for us (in return for numerous beers for the boss it seems! It certainly helps when you live in the same village).

As such, we expect to be holding 4 to 5 months stock as soon as we can and hope to be able to give you a good lead time on any interruption of stock that may occur, however unlikely.

In the meantime, I will renew my efforts to bring all the training onto our new online LMS web platform. We are in the video editing phase which can take significant time but aim to have the online training up and running as soon as possible.

Professor Chu’s masterclass will also be filmed in the upcoming months and will be made available online as well.

I have done a number of Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams training sessions with clinics this week and will also make this more available and promote it, and I am always available for Q and A sessions, which will be promoted on our web site as well.

The ARA UK level 7 training webinars, worth 40 CPD points, are still available online via the charity website as well, for any clinic wanting to achieve their ARA UK Accreditation and provide treatment and advice to their share of the millions of acne and rosacea sufferers across the UK.

Venues for future training are available on our website and you can express interest by filling in the forms found here.

As ever, if there’s anything more we can do for you, or any more information you need, feel free to give our clinical team a call on 0333 247 2474 or simply hit reply to this email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Peter Roberts
Managing Director and Head Trainer, SkinMed

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