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Tebiskin Cytoceuticals are medically licensed and proven. It is highly effective in supporting clinical treatments, enhancing them and prolonging them. In reactive skin types who are unable to tolerate clinical treatments, it is often the treatment route of choice. It is not a direct replacement for clinic injections or peels etc but the results are proven.

Along with your client, you can create a maintenance plan at home to resist the formation of lines or volume loss whilst they cannot access clinic treatments and hold back skin sagging, looking lax or lacking in volume.

These tried and tested product combinations were designed to enhance and boost clinical results and hence are called peri-operative (wrap-around clinical treatments).

SkinVital – Retimitate ACE

Is an at-home alternative to peels and fillers and in restricting wrinkle formation.

SkinVital – CE Ferulic and Vitamin B Complex

Improves skin tone and pigmentation control, reduces ageing by mopping up free radicals.

Tebiskin Hyal and Tebiskin Gluage

Boost Hyaluronic acid production and sustain existing hyaluronic acid to keep your face plumped and firm.

Tebiskin EGF (can be used also with Retimitate)

These biologically bacterially derived growth factors boost collagen and elastin production function and improve skin elasticity. You can slow down and control the reappearance of lines as your toxin injections wear off.

Tebiskin IDRA and Ceraboost

Boost cell hydration at the surface of the skin with IDRA and in the epidermis for living keratinocytes with Ceraboost to control skin cell water loss.

The TripleLock Hydration protocol boosts all of those skin issue management protocols discussed above.

SkinMed offer a home delivery service.

Contact your client to discuss the programme that they need at home.

Then send us their ‘prescription’ and we send the products, guidance booklets directly to you them, on your behalf. We can and will help you maintain your clients ‘clinic’ results.

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