We don’t just bring your industry-leading
products, we bring you clients

Working with SkinMed® Product packages and protocols means more than just supplying industry-leading skin solutions, training and outstanding customer service. We strive every day to be better; better service, better solutions, better innovation.

Our objective when you work with SkinMed® is for you to see an increase in awareness in your local community, aesthetic client numbers, customer spend, knowledge, treatment success, profit, standing and reputation.

Introducing the updated SkinMed® Clinical Marketing Suite, comprised of various marketing initiatives, designed to achieve these objectives for your business without you having to allocate so much of your valuable time and money to do it.

We’re different from the rest, here’s how….

Customer Avatars

We help you identify and create your ‘Ideal customer’, or as we call it Customer Avatar, based on your loyal customers. We then find out where your Customer Avatar goes local to you, and create a partnership.

Reciprocal Marketing

There are businesses looking for the same type of customer as you. Some of your better customers will be customers of these other businesses, but you will also have a number who don’t. In return, these shops, clubs and organisations will have customers who don’t come to you.

By identifying these businesses and approaching them to discuss reciprocal promotion, you can create a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Acne & Rosacea Association UK Sponsored by SkinMed

The ARA UK offers an expert-led specialist course in acne and rosacea, taught by the UK’s leading expert Professor Tony Chu.

By becoming an Accredited Treatment Centres you open up your clinic to the local population of acne and rosacea sufferers, targeting the 5 million plus women over 30 in your area who sufferer with mature onset acne and rosacea, who, once they have control of their symptoms or condition, often become aesthetic treatment clients.

E-brochure Bonus Service

We will help you target local businesses with employees that fit your target market, providing their management and HR departments with incentives they can use to reward and motivate their staff by distributing vouchers towards the cost of treatments at your clinic.

SkinMed® can put together a bespoke professional electronic brochure, offer letters and even physical brochures.

Bespoke Campaigns

Gain access to your own Campaign Manager who will design and create a bespoke multi-channel campaign, tailor-made to suit your clinical practice and business needs.

Your promotional campaign will include paid online advertising, email campaigns to our consumer database, and social media promotion. All promotions then direct the user to your own bespoke mini-website / landing page created for you by your SkinMed® Campaign Manager, with all new leads sent directly to your clinic’s inbox.

Access to our Customer Database

SkinMed® also offer lighter strength versions of our SkinMed® clinic only lines under different branding, with the objective of recruiting customers to refer to your clinics.

We create bespoke ebulletins and promotional banners, tailored to your clinic and services, to promote you to SkinMed® retail clients in your catchment area.

Enhanced In-Clinic Marketing & Open Day Support

Gain access to bespoke posters, leaflets, flyers, video and text for use in your clinic for better promotion of your business, as well as our all-encompassing new Protocol Guides Booklets, to help convert the leads we’ve generated into long-standing customers.

Also access additional campaign support to promote your clinic’s open days to potential clients in your local area, including online advertising, tailored emails, social media promotion and collateral materials to use in-clinic..

Selected Online Access to Clinical Lines

We promote certain clinical lines to consumers, as well as selectively promoting and selling samples of clinical lines online to draw them in and when they seek further supply, we refer them to their local SkinMed® accredited clinic.

Transferring consumer customers into clinic spending customers brings greater income to us and increases customer lifetime value average to SkinMed®.

SkinMed are proud to be unique in providing this type of service to such a high standard – we do what others don’t. We don’t believe in supplying products and just leaving you to get on with it, so here is a guide to the services we provide to help support your business.

We will always be committed to supplying the best skin treatments, aftercare and customer service possible.

Sign up to see how we can benefit your business. Also access additional campaign support to promote your clinic’s open days to potential clients in your local area, including online advertising, tailored emails, social media promotion and collateral materials to use in-clinic.

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