Not All Pens Are Created Equal


Peter Roberts, Managing Director of SkinMed Ltd responds to a recent article by Dr Stefanie Williams who ‘extreme’ tested automated micro-needling pens

Since the publication of the article by Dr Stefanie Williams in Consulting Rooms, looking at issues in relation to potential cross-contamination with automated micro-needling pens, entitled ‘What a bloody mess!’, we have been telling concerned customers that the pen featured as tested (in the accompanying images) was not ours. We have also informed them that we were aware of this problem with a number of pens on the market, although not the model that was shown. We certainly agree that the photos from Stephanie’s article were disturbing.

There are companies still selling pens to the UK marketplace that have been challenged by other countries’ health regulatory organisations. Some are not withdrawing them in the UK but instead asking practitioners to pay for an upgrade to a newer version. This is scandalous, as patients could be put at risk of HIV, Hepatitis or other bloodborne diseases.

We asked Professor Tony Chu, during his Scarring Masterclass Training, to show his usage of our Derma FNS® Pen which has a seal to prevent any flow through the needle head. Prof Chu’s test was observed by five senior medical practitioners practising in aesthetic medicine who were delegates on the masterclass.

One of the attendees, Lee Garrett RN, NIP, kindly forwarded the picture shown and said, “I took a picture of the Derma FNS® which Prof Tony Chu used… it’s good to know how safe the Derma FNS® is.”

As you can see from the image, our seal was not breached, and the blood does not get near the pen housing; you can see it is held in the nib.

SkinMed® Ltd, who introduced automated micro-needling to the UK market, has always been conscious and conscientious in ensuring patient safety. We are the company with the most trial data in dermal needling for the indications of acne scarring, lines and wrinkles, hypertrophic caesarean scars and cleft palate scars, to name a few. SkinMed® Ltd has always lead the field in proof and safety with these devices.

Our Derma FNS® Pen and needle tips were designed, from day one, to not let any blood products through the needle housing and into the pen. I think the image here shows a clear distinction between our pen and some of the others tested in the original article which should be withdrawn from the market for safety reasons..

Peter Roberts
Managing Director and Head Trainer, SkinMed®

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