SkinMed Have Gone ‘March Mad’ / Exclusive Bespoke Offers

SkinMed Have Gone ‘March Mad’ / Exclusive Bespoke Offers

The ACE Congress is this Friday and Saturday, however, SkinMed are so busy with record sales in the last three months that we have had a rethink. 

We have made a considered decision to cancel our attendance at ACE.
We are not offering our famous ‘Golden Tickets’ for free wining and dining for the whole conference.

However, as a result, we have saved in all sorts of ways (Including Staff Liver function).
Instead, we are taking this money and adding it to a pre-existing pot of money to put together some amazing end of SkinMed Financial Year Product Protocol deals for all orders placed
 in March,  where credit terms are extended for Double Order volumes, with Additional Discounts and also Free Product Options.

We are also investing significant money in SkinMed stocking clinics by Promoting
our Acne, Rosacea, Anti-ageing, Pigmentation and Hydration protocols to stocking clinics’ catchment areas on numerous platforms to improve clinic footfall.
We call this ‘Paid By SkinMed’ Promotion. 
On balancewe decided to get more patients into your clinics and take in stock at amazing discounted rates as this was the best thing for clinics and us, at this time.
SkinMed Staff are racing to achieve their End of Year Bonus and felt this was money spent wisely.

We are incredibly happy that SkinMed protocol books and sales
 are available at John Bannon Pharmacy Stand B5 in
the ACE Exhibition map.

(John Bannon are preferred distributors for prescription orders or small to medium orders and offer the same prices as direct from SkinMed).

SkinMed® protocols have brought together knowledge from the USA, Far East and Europe to create SkinMed® Exclusive Product Packages.
This collaboration led to the creation of clinically proven, all-encompassing protocols for a wide range of dermatological/aesthetic conditions.
SkinMed formulas are medically licensed for Comedogenic and Inflammatory Acne, Vascular Rosacea, plus our formulas for Pigmentation, Anti Ageing and Hydration are Medical Device licensed and deliver outstanding results.

 SkinMed® EnerPeel® Technology utilises patented carrier systems only available to SkinMed® which restrain and protect, rather than buffer the peel ingredients as they are absorbed into the skin, enhancing their activity.

We are offering the 5 PEEL DEAL incorporating any of the following

  • Enerpeel Salicylic Acid licensed for Comedogenic and Inflammatory acne
  • Enerpeel Mandelic Acid licensed for vascular rosacea
  • Enerpeel Pyruvic Acid for lines and wrinkles and deeper pigmentation
  • Enerpeel Jessners Revised for Pigmentation
  • Deals on Needle heads for our unique Derma FNS (dermal needling device). 
    The only pen to pull the needles fully out before allowing them to re-enter the skin; minimizes catching, reduces epidermal erythema but maximizes collagen and elastin revision

Adopting the 5 PEEL DEAL opens up the opportunity to add other peels and receive an additional 50% discount on these Enerpeels such as

  • Eye & Lip and Eye & Lip Plus Gel Peels, for the two-age defining facial areas, targeting fine lines close to the eyes, pigmentation, lymph build-up and pout lines and lip definition.
  • Neck and Décolleté Peels to tighten and firm the neck and décolleté.
  • Hand Peels for age spots and crepey skin. 
  • Our range of TCA peels 25%, 40% and 20% (also incorporating lactic and kojic acid).

These deals are all further wrapped up with additional discounts and free products to try or to complete a protocol,  with bespoke discounts and settlement terms that reflect the buying patterns of each stocking clinic.
Your Account managers will be approaching you to create your Bespoke MAD MARCH Deal. 
Please don’t hesitate to
Email or
Call 0333 247 2474

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