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This month’s Newsletter is all about Rosacea. As the temperature has plummeted into winter way before its prime, there will be many of your clients who’s Rosacea will flare up this time of year.

We believe that the more you know about SkinMed’s products, such as Enerpeel and Derma FNS pen,  the more you can help your Clients achieve their dream skin, absent of Rosacea, Acne, and pigmentation.

This month we are focusing on EnerPeel® MA (Mandelic Acid) and our Derma FNS Needling pen for use in Clinics for Rosacea. 

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We are going to delve into our ground-breaking Enerpeel MA, specially designed to treat individuals with Rosacea.  We will explain the breakdown of what the peel is, how it will target different levels of the skin, in the dermis, epidermis and on the skin surface, the impact it has on the skin and the science behind our favourite saying ‘less pain, more gain’ 

SkinMed offers Enerpeel to clinics to treat your clientele effectively. With the knowledge backing the Enerpeel formula, with all the information, the science, and the results, the simplest solution is that your bookings will increase double what they were before.

There are over 3.5 million women in the UK suffering from Rosacea, the question is, is your clinic the place they are going to?  

Why is Enerpeel® MA different?

All other Mandelic peels sit on the surface and gently exfoliate the skin. As this is an alpha hydroxy peel, it does not penetrate lipid layers and lipid cell walls. SkinMed utilises EnerPeel® carrier molecules to transport an inactive form of mandelic acid into the skin. These mandelate molecules are then released by the carrier molecules and convert to mandelic acid within the skin and not on the surface.

Due to Enerpeel’s ground-breaking technology including the Tebitech Science – Enerpeel® MA is the best-supporting peel and is licensed and even prescribable privately for treating vascular rosacea.

Why is this?

It delivers inactive mandelate into the dermis, which then converts to mandelic acid which supports vascular integrity assisting partially damageddilated (visible) capillaries to contract thereby improving the thread veins seen with vascular rosacea.

Meanwhile, the EnerPeels multiphasic carriers delivers MSM into all layers of the skin reducing the activity of VEGF (vaso endothelial growth factor) preventing excessive production of new capillaries caused in rosacea patients as they become hyper sensitive to VEGF if left unchecked this would exacerbate that veiny look. 

MSM also suppresses various skin molecules which cause erythema. Molecules such as VEGF, IL-1 alpha, TNF 1 alpha and numerous free radicals which are all part of the inflammatory cascade triggered by multiple causes in reactive skin leading to blushes and causing damage to skin structures. MSM is also a key ingredient in the accompanying clinically trialled medical device formula in our clinical-only rosacea products 

The EnerPeel® Neutraliser incorporates 12% arginine also in EnerPeel® multiphasic carriers, so this small alkaline amino acid molecule will be delivered to all  skin layers neutralising active Enerpeel from the surface to the dermis. 

More uses for Enerpeel® MA

Recently it has become very popular to extend the exposure time of EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid (MA) within the skin. This provides a much greater impact on reducing rosacea symptoms (it will also have a bonus effect on fine lines and wrinkles). Downtime is still very little if any as the action is in the skin not on the surface of it, unlike traditional peels. This happens even in rosacea and the results are accentuated.

*Initially a 10-minute exposure when neutralised is carried out to define whether extended exposure is beneficial.  

Extending exposure accentuates the vascular benefits. In this situation once the exposure has reached 10 minutes duration, wipe the skin surface with damp cotton wool pads or Enerpeel Remover wipes (this is important). This removes any active ingredients on the surface and stratum corneum, but will leave the mandelic in the dermis active. One should apply the Rosacea UV cream and as a duty of care it is recommended to send the client home with an Enerpeel Neutraliser wipe but only as a duty of care precaution. If no issues it need not be used and this has always been the case to date. The dermal mandelic acid becomes inactive in the hour post-treatment. 

It will then release into the skin where it converts to mandelic acid. At 10 minutes we remove any remaining surface solution with damp cotton wool pads (this is important), but will leave the mandelic in the skin, active. Special remover wipes are also available to order from SkinMed. 

Anti Aging uses of Enerpeel® MA

The mandelic acid in the skin will neutralise itself post the procedure and sometime later. This has been shown to provide a greater impact on outcomes. Extending dermal exposure time can mean that a less irritating peel like MA can have a significant skin-revising impact. In other words, 6 of Enerpeel’s extended exposure Mandelics can have a similar revising impact to two 25% TCAs peels but with much less risk of post-treatment complications like excessive pigmentation.

An EnerPeel® MA 10-minute non-extended exposure is also an amazing combination with an automated dermal needling pen.  We do this by numbing the skin, then the skin is cleansed of any anaesthetic cream, once clean, the MA is applied for ten minutes and then neutralised (it is important to neutralise not just remove from the surface of the skin). The skin is then cleansed again and then the needling treatment is carried out.

The MA reduces the thickness of the top layer of the skin by a third in ten minutes, also reducing keratin making it easier for the needles to penetrate.  This can allow a shorter needle length to be used. The MA also gives a great surface finish, and the other ingredients within the MA suppress redness and erythema in the epidermis so that post needling redness is better controlled, but without reducing remodelling effects in the dermal layer.

Our needling device  Derma FNS causes less trauma than other pens on the market, 

Not only does it push the needle into the skin it also pulls them out. This clears the needles from the skin before being re-inserted.

We don’t rely on a spring to retract the needles as we know a spring cannot keep up with the speeds of the German brushless motor inside the Derma FNS pen running at 120 insertions a second. 

This brilliant motor pushes the needles in to also pull the needles fully out of the skin. This means less catching, less surface irritation, and a more pleasant experience for your Clients. The emphasis on this is the Derma FNS pen enables direct dermal stimulation, requiring no epidermal to trigger collagenesis and collagen turnover. 

At the end of the needling session, we massage our preferred glide medium anti-erythema epidermal cream into the skin for 5 to 10 minutes

The client will be left with slightly pink, glowing skin. The needling effect in the dermis will tighten up the skin and increase new fibre production over the coming weeks and months. Leaving you with healthy, rejuvenated, glowing skin. 

Mandelic Acid (MA) In a nutshell…

  • Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid isolated originally from bitter almonds.  *Quick note on treating Clients with a nut allergy, our Enerpeel MA is synthetically made in a laboratory, so no need to worry about allergic reactions. 
  • The most popular chemical exfoliator and peel in the Indian sub-continent 
  • A highly popular Summer peel in many European countries.
  • An ideal backup for sun damage and pigmentation in those not suitable for an EnerPeel® Jessners Acid Peel (JR)
  • An ideal backup for those with lines and poor skin tone in those unsuitable for EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA)- 
  • An ideal backup for patients who suffer from acne for those not able to tolerate an EnerPeel® Salicylic Acid (SA) MA is also a great peel for those allergic to aspirin and have exhausted any other options, Enerpeel MA has antibacterial effects, antiviral and antifungal effects, those fantastic attributes are the exact reason it is naturally found in almonds as it protects the nut during development. 
To learn more about Rosacea, and what Protocols we recommend for treating Rosacea, book in with one of our Account managers who offer more training via Zoom for our Clinics. 

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