SkinMed GDPR Adherence
A Letter To Clinics

SkinMed is helping all SkinMed stocking clinics to sustain and retain their clients.

We at your request post consultation with your clients send them their Tebiskin/SkinVital package securely and safely tracked to their door.

This is working fabulously for many clinics already.

Sustain their filler, boost their toxin effect, keep those wrinkles at bay, purge and prevent pigmentation until they can be welcomed back into your clinic.

Deliver mini home peels to keep the skin rejuvenating before their next Enerpeel course.

We have a range of promotional posts you can use being completed today to help you promote this.

Also as a professional company, we have drafted a GDPR compliance letter to allay any concerns you may have in using us as your surrogate support team and the text is below.

We can help sustain your business, retain your clients, boost their loyalty and we can get through the next months working together. Speak with the clinical team and let’s boost your client at home demand.

Kindest Regards Peter


Dear Clinic,

The purpose of this letter is to confirm in writing that should SkinMed be commissioned in writing by clinics and/or clinicians to send products detailed or prescribed by the clinic direct to their clients, then we confirm our agreement to the following conditions under GDPR adherence.

During this crisis, the ‘CLINIC NAME’ has requested SkinMeds help in sending medical products to our patients.

The ‘CLINIC NAME’ has secured the permission of the client to provide SkinMed with the name and address so that the service/transaction of goods can take place.

The client will only receive the product(s) specified by the clinician on the form designed for this purpose and no marketing materials will be included in the parcel unless specified on the order form or in writing by the clinic at the time of sending through the order to SkinMed.

During and following the Coronavirus crisis when clinics return to normal practice then SkinMed confirms that none of the clinics (specified above) patients will be contacted by SkinMed in any form and their details will not be made available to anyone else and any records will be expunged from our ordering systems.

Peter Roberts
Managing Director

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