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Dear SkinMed experts,

If you are finding wearing PPE and washing your hands regularly is causing dryness or erythema, redness or irritation, then just give SkinMed a buzz on 0333 247 2474 with your name, delivery address and we will send you some of our hydrating and soothing products for free.

Right now we have a good supply. All you need do is to confirm who they are for and agree that this is evaluation stock to determine how well this product mitigates the problems caused by excessive washing and also irritation of wearing tight-fitting masks etc. and that you will send us an email saying whether it successfully calmed and hydrated your skin irritated by PPE and increased skin washing on your face and hands. This allows us to claim tax back on this.

The main crème gel to be sent out will be SENSICURE as its the best all-rounder. It’s a natural MSM containing crème gel used successfully to prevent post clinical erythema and has comparable activity to a 0.5% and 1% hydrocortisone cream, but has no steroid in. It also restores and reduces excessive trans epidermal water loss by using a combination of ingredients to bind water and to boost skin lipid structure.

We use this very successfully in medical aesthetic clinics for suppressing and reducing erythema and dryness post clinical treatments such as chemical peels. Dermal needling, lasers, etc. We also sell it to those with irritable reactive skins. There is a more powerful alternative to this called Tebiskin PLC.

We also have medically licensed products for Rosacea (Synchrorose) which target other symptoms other than redness. We also have Ceraboost Body which boosts the lipid structure of the stratum corneum and intercellular matrix with the perfect balance of the necessary Nine biologically active ceramides (triple synthetic ceramide alternatives ineffective) which are provided in a mixture ratio of 50% ceramides to 25% cholesterol and 25% fatty acids to improve TEWL control. We also have other deep and surface hydrators.

Kindest regards and I salute you all for your dedication and bravery.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Roberts
Managing Director

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